Saturday, December 24, 2011

Season's Greetings from Pine Green

Happy holidays from the new caretakers! Reid and I have been scurrying about over the past week and a half transitioning to our new home. Only our friend Louis could manage to pull together a Christmas tree within 30 minutes of closing... Reid then arranged the lighting, furniture, and some other touches over the past few days, and there you have it, a Christmas post card from this storybook home!

Pine Green, also known as the Nicholson House, was the longtime residence of Mildred Horne and the architectural vision of Sam Stoltz. Much more on its history and Stoltz's significance in Central Florida later...

For now, welcome to my new blog, which I decided to begin after being inspired by friends and other blogs about various facets of Central Florida. With this I hope to chronicle the home's history and its preservation/restoration as we take on the role as its new caretakers.

Merry Christmas!